Inspiring Instas

March 30, 2018

As a creative, one of the most important self-care rituals for both your personal and professional life is maintaining a comfortably full well to pull from for inspiration and motivation. While it’s sometimes important to search in specific books or to browse particular websites, my favorite kind of well-filling is the kind that I can incorporate into my everyday routine — and that involves the wonderful thing called Instagram.

Here is an introduction to three of my favorite accounts to follow for both inspiration and motivation. They happen to be three artists in New York who are actually friends in real life. Their work is raw and real and a refreshing break from the perfectly curated, photo-heavy, “aesthetic” accounts. 

First, is Adam J. Kurtz, a designer, artist and author. As he states on his website, his work is “rooted in honesty, humor and a little darkness.” He pairs his rough, freehand illustrative style with snark and sass for refreshing and though-provoking posts. In addition to his personal Instagram account, his Things Are account is purely creative inspiration and advice from his recent book “Things Are What You Make of Them.” Both are great to follow for either a good laugh or a much-needed pep talk. I highly recommend his book as well!

Second is Mari Andrew, a writer and illustrator who got her start when she was going through a tough time and needed a new fun form of self-expression. I found her one day when she was tagged in one of Adam J. Kurtz’s posts. What began as a casual doodle-post-a-day evolved into her first published book, “Am I There Yet?” that just released a couple days ago. Her posts are uniquely creative, inspiring, and relatable in their heartwarming and heartbreaking ways.

And lastly, there’s Timothy Goodman, an illustrator, author, and one of my favorite graphic designers. I first heard about him while I was in college when he started the 40 Days of Dating blog with fellow designer, Jessica Walsh. In addition to his impressive client roster, he is best known for his murals, installations, and handwritten Sharpie executions of quotes and stories.

His Insta feed showcases a wide range of his work and social and political views, but it’s always a treat when he adds a new motivational message, relatable #adulting post, or adds to his Instagram writing series, Memories of a Girl I Never Knew.