Going Through Changes: A Nontraditional Monthly Look At Breaking (Or Stumbling) Into Working Creatively Full-Time

March 22, 2018
Fast Horse is hosting our second Integrate student event this evening and that — plus a little convenient Peepshow post timing — has given me the opportunity to reflect a bit on the circuitous professional path that I’ve taken to get where I am today. Before reading any further, check out our site if you’d like to learn a bit more about Fast Horse or the Integrate program.
In the span of a decade I’ve made significant shifts in the creative direction, and geographic location, of my professional pursuits. I’ve moved forward from a life of linseed oil, pthalo blue paint and mineral spirits to immaculately crafted educational rationals to taking time for an extended stop at heirloom fruit and vegetable care, beekeeping and farmers’-market management. I’ve finally landed where you’ll find me currently: helping to craft the creative path forward for the tiny-but-mighty design department at Fast Horse as its senior graphic designer.
Here’s a breakdown of where you would be most likely to find me as I’ve MARCHed (gross) through the many stages of my creative development:
March 2009
Found: Putting the finishing touches on my painting thesis exhibition at the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore. I entered college with aspirations of becoming an observational figure painter, and left with a body of work that could “easily” be described as highly abstracted landscapes composed within a geometric compositional space intended to address humanity’s interaction with our natural surroundings (see: Art with a capital “A,” and not obnoxiously lofty at all).
March 2010
Found: Wrapping up my final student-teaching experience at an all-boys Catholic high school in the outskirts of Baltimore — the last step in pursuing my master’s of art in education degree through MICA. The final year of my master’s education provided me the opportunity to work in both an elementary and high school placement, and I promise that nothing will prepare you for working in the world of marketing quite like trying to manage a screaming throng of kindergartners ;).
March 2013 
Found: Working alone in a remote orchard in southeastern Pennsylvania clearing several blighted rows of Asian pear trees with an undersized Husqvarna chainsaw. Following our time at MICA, my fiancée and I spent the better part of two and a half years as seasonal farmhands on a mid-sized fruit and vegetable farm in Cochranville, Pennsylvania, just 30 minutes away from the area where we both grew up. This provided me with the time and opportunity to develop my creative design portfolio in the evening after a day’s work in the fields or orchards.
March 2018 
Found: At Fast Horse, working diligently at elevating the direction and craft of our collective creative vision (also drinking free beer when I get the chance) and looking forward to doing a bit of both at this evening’s event!
There’s certainly more that I could say and a few key periods I left out, but I’m electing to leave a little mystery in the mix and I encourage anyone to reach out if you want to spend a little time talking about my path or yours.