A Change Of Scenery

March 6, 2018

Picture a seamless blue sky. The cloudless bright sunny day making everything look so crisp it feels like your contacts were upgraded to some sort of 4K power.

Okay, that might sound all right to some of you as yet another snowstorm wanders over us in March here in Minnesota, but now go back to that blue-sky sunny day. Now put that day on repeat. Put that same blue, that same sky and same sun up there again… and again… and again, year in and year out. It can be strange living where the seasons are almost nonexistent. Where the holidays can be easy to forget. Where there’s no crisp air and leaves on the ground to remind you that Halloween is right around the corner. Where the Christmas lights don’t glisten in the snow.

Some of you might be thinking, “I could do it. I think I could handle sunny weather for a while.” Of course you could make do with blue skies and sun. What I’ve found, though, is that change is better. In life, in weather and in work.

My wife and I recently relocated to Minneapolis from Los Angeles. We have three cats and a deaf pit bull named Capo. It’s an odd animal ecosystem at our house. I graduated with a degree in psychology with an emphasis in consumer psychology. I’ve always enjoyed figuring out the interests and likes of others, including what makes people watch what they watch, shop where they shop and buy what they buy. I’ve been lucky and have had the opportunity to help develop marketing materials that create enjoyment, interest and influence people in unique ways.

Having spent the last seven years in the entertainment industry out in Los Angeles, I was ready for a change. My wife and I decided that getting back closer to family would be a good choice. Easier access to education and schools, more space, quieter living with a cozy, comfortable feel…  it was a no-brainer. One of the only concerns we had was missing the pace and vibe of L.A. I wanted to be sure that wherever I wound up it would be fun, that there would be a stimulating and unique approach to the day-to-day, and where people around me were the best. I also didn’t want to wind up doing the same thing over and over each day. I was looking to find an interesting and unique place to continue to learn and grow. Right away I was impressed with the direction and approach Fast Horse had to offer.

Starting with the seating arrangement, Fast Horse is already doing it differently. Fast Horse doesn’t have a spot for you. They have all the spots for you. You sit wherever you want and wherever makes the most sense that day. It could even be at home if need be. If that thin but sturdy sheet of ice covers everything, making it hard for a bird to land, let alone a human to walk or drive on, guess what? Work from home. In fact, Jörg sent out an email last night advising it. Now that’s changing things up a bit.

I haven’t been at Fast Horse long, but I like it. I like all the people I get to work with. I like that it’s different here compared to any other place I’ve been. Fast Horse puts your knowledge to use right away and allows you to collaborate with others no matter who they are or what their title is. Everyone is smart and everyone contributes. That helps develop new ideas and solutions quicker. That’s changing the way we work together.

It feels good to see changing weather again. I missed clouds out in L.A. Gray skies, snow, rain on my rooftop. I’m glad to be here.