Say It With Me: Chic

February 23, 2018

Hi, my name is Emily Eaton and I am new here. Well, new to the world of Peepshow, not new the world of Fast Horse. I started here back in June 2017 as a freelance senior project manager. After three very fast months, I was offered the chance to join the team full-time. The rest has been a blur — a very, very, VERY good blur. So much so that I somehow missed the ship on being added to the Peepshow lineup, and that’s why I am now introducing myself. Hai.

Some things that have happened to me (work and non-work related) in the past nine months of me being at Fast Horse:

  • I received dual-citizenship in Madison, Wisc. The first project I was assigned to was the Mentos activation and I was honored to spend nine nights with pretty much half the agency. It was an amazing project and an indescribable bonding experience with the team. We worked hard, didn’t sleep enough and honestly laughed more than I have in a very long time, maybe ever. Here’s a picture of me showing how much pride I have for Madison:
  • I become BFFs with DJ Khaled. We actually were in a room together for one hour and he said maybe two words to me BUT look at our body language (my creepy hand touching his shoulder). That means BFFs.
  • I have done two Whole30 challenges (well, I am actually in the middle of my second one) at Fast Horse. Doing Whole30 with the people you spend the most time with (coworkers) is a TREAT. Sharing lunches, supporting each other and having someone to NOT eat cheese plates or donuts with. You can see some foodie pics here.
  • I got my very own Slack channel at Fast Horse! #askemily is a place where we basically discuss all things skincare. I really enjoy washing my face and I think I can proudly say since my arrival at Fast Horse I have in some way impacted my coworkers’ skin, their wallets and their Sephora Beauty Insider status.
  • I bought a new car! That doesn’t have anything to do with work, but it’s a big deal considering I bought my old car in high school (2004). I feel very fancy in my Honda every dang day.
  • I spent more time in LA than MPLS during the first few months of the year. I spent the first 10 days of the month there for Diet Coke. Then returned a few weeks later for Yoplait. I stayed at the same hotel (hi, Freehand) and the employees there were all very confused on what I do for a living. There would be extremely large and heavy boxes waiting for every time I checked in, I constantly inquired about extra fridges for my room and begged to use their freezer. I kept them guessing — who knows what I will show up with next time I stay there.
  • I will end on an odd number (spooky!) and leave you with: “Chic.” My coined saying that my lovely coworkers picked up right away and I adore them for that!