Doin’ It For The ‘Gram

February 1, 2018

Cool, immersive, Instagrammable experiences are all the rage right now. They’re popping up in cities all over the U.S., and you can find something for every taste and color under the sun — literally. In San Francisco you can go to The Color Factory, in New York and L.A. you can visit 29rooms and The Happy Place, and if you were cool enough to get an invitation, you could’ve experienced the Diet Coke Flavor Room in Greenwich Village (ahem…created and produced by Fast Horse).

The experiential team here at Fast Horse has been very interested in exploring what this new phenomenon is all about — and while personally I think it reached its peak and will only come down from here, it’s important to understand what are the key elements that will either create a viral sensation (where tickets are nearly impossible to score) or make your event fall flat on its face. Let’s explore them:

Creativity and innovation: At this point, it feels like everything has been done, so stretching your creativity even further and coming up with experiences that will feel totally new and interesting to people is key. You can always rely on some trends like balloons and neon, but try and come up with a couple of elements that will be unique to your experience.

About the people and for the people — it’s all about interaction: These experiences are created mostly for the ‘gram, and that is totally okay. However, try to incorporate more moments and activities where people can interact with your installation and take away a meatier experience than just cool pictures and leave people talking for days.

Full immersion: Making the experience fully immersive by mapping and planning every single moment in your user’s experience will ensure that EVERY SINGLE CORNER makes it into a shot. Some half-a** places will think in terms of camera frames, create a spectacular photo opportunity and leave the rest unattended. To really engage your audience, go full-on Disney mode and create something that will touch every moment in their journey.

Pest Crowd control: When purchasing a ticket for many of these attractions, you will notice that they have time slots and are very strict about sticking to them. The reasoning behind this is genius — avoiding crowds will lend itself to a better Instagram shot, without all those pesky photobombs in the back. It’s all about making the experience feel as exclusive and intimate as possible.

Here are a few pictures of our amazing event — scroll and enjoy!