Getting To Know Small-Town America With Deluxe’s Small Business Revolution

January 18, 2018

Throughout the month of January, a team from Fast Horse has joined our friends on the Small Business Revolution team at Deluxe Corp. on an pretty incredible journey. We’re traveling the all across the country — from California to Oregon to Georgia to New Hampshire and everywhere in between — visiting ten incredible small towns that are semi-finalists in the process of vying to be the subject of season three of Small Business Revolution – Main Street.

After this week, I’ll have had the pleasure of visiting three of these ten towns. Although the travel can be tiring, visiting these great towns, meeting the enthusiastic business owners, town leaders and residents, and getting to know what makes the towns special is nothing short of energizing. And I get to call this work.

We’ve been helping Deluxe produce the Small Business Revolution — Main Street for a few years now, and we’ve had the pleasure of getting to know lots of towns, businesses and the people behind them. This might not be a surprise, but while each of them is unique, there are tremendous similarities — big and small.

Every town has a unique array of small businesses that makes it special, but there are so many common threads. Those business owners are hardworking, enthusiastic, dedicated people who are proud of what they do and the impact they have, collectively, on their communities. And they often wrestle with things like marketing (hi, Deluxe!) and so many other elements of running a business that even the most diligent business owner couldn’t sufficiently plan for.

Beyond the businesses themselves, so many of these towns have other things in common. Everywhere we go, we see people investing their energy, passion and resources into the arts. We see people demonstrating endless pride in and enthusiasm for their communities and people who support their friends and neighbors. We see leaders — and not just elected or professional ones — who care a tremendous amount and give all they have to make their towns great.

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