Multiplicity Is Here: The Future Of Clothing

December 18, 2017

Here comes the New Year’s Resolution post that everyone wants, needs, and writes. In 2018 it is my goal to start phasing out pieces of clothing that one would label “fast fashion” and start investing in sustainable fashion.

This weekend, while performing my daily Instagram story check in, someone I follow (Stella Maria Baer) posted a story about only wearing ethically sourced materials. My thoughts were, “that’s sweet!”… “goals!”… “maybe I could do that one day”… and so on. Then I spent the rest of the day thinking about it. Making a change like that is only daunting because it is simply a change. But just like cutting out meat and dairy from my diet, it gets easier and easier to turn down the items I am used to reach for and instead start working on the person I want to be. (That sentence turned out to be way cheesier than I meant it to).

While I realize being in a position where I can afford high-priced clothing is a very privileged place to be, I hope in the long run it will save me time and money. Investing in good quality clothing means it lasts longer. Investing in basic pieces means it will be in style longer. Keeping my wardrobe simple keeps getting ready simple. I’m sure at this point everyone knows why Mark Zuckerberg wears jeans, t-shirt, and hoodie most days. Not worrying about what to wear every morning leaves space for you to think about other, more important things, like building Facebook. Lastly, fast fashion leaves a huge mark on the earth, the environment, and on our landfills and deciding not to contribute to that feels like a step in the right direction.

Aside from all the personal gains, it is great to support these small businesses (who are usually women owned) and remove the reliance on large department stores. Added bonus, I don’t have to rely on the same I-am-going-to-go-to-the-gym-more New Year’s resolution. Wearing ethically sourced materials seems like the logical step towards leading a more simple, self-sufficient life.

Shopping responsibly has never looked this good. Buying with purpose is easier than ever as more and more clothing brands turn to. Check some out!

Hackwith Design House

First Rite Clothing

Elizabeth Suzann


Matt and Nat