5 Tips To Improve Your Résumé

December 13, 2017

1. Your most relevant experiences may not be “real jobs”

In the advertising and marketing world, we get asked for favors often, and sometimes we start our own side-gigs. Starting a blog with friends, running a photography Instagram account, and managing search ads for your dad’s business are all relevant experiences that should be listed on your resume.

2. Unless you’re filling out a website form, you don’t have to list ALL your jobs

This one is more relevant to hires with years of experience. Cluttering your resume with all 12 jobs you’ve held since college graduation won’t do you any favors. Select the most recent and most relevant experiences – 3-5 of them – and just list those. People who want more information will peep your LinkedIn profile.

3. Make it readable with some style

You don’t have to be a Photoshop expert to have an eye-catching résumé. Take a cue from the stuff that inspires you. Publishers, brands and bloggers are all great places to look for style inspiration. Keep it simple, choose typefaces that work together, and limit your use of color to one or two.

4. Don’t make up words or use a lot of marketing lingo

I know you’re a change-agent-Swiss-army-knife-Jill-of-all-trades-level-setting-ninja, but sticking to real, tangible facts makes you more real and interesting. The thesaurus is your friend.

5. Don’t lie about your experience

The purpose of a résumé is to make yourself look great in one page, so it can be tough not to stretch the truth a little bit. Keep in mind, if you make it to an interview or get hired the truth will come out, so it’s best to make yourself look good while being honest. Instead of saying you led something that you didn’t actually manage or lead, use words like collaborated or executed. Similarly, words like facilitated, optimized, delivered, and created are all great action words that imply you worked directly on something but didn’t necessarily lead it.

Editor’s note: Fast Horse is hiring for numerous positions. Check out our career openings here. Favor will be given to applicants who take Talia’s tips to heart.