#SamHasMentosGum: Website Rundown

October 10, 2017

Andrew did a write-up about this campaign last month, but I am here to walk through the interactive portion of this fun project!

#SamHasMentosGum was a six-day challenge for Sam, an incoming freshman and Mentos brand ambassador, to make 43,000 fresh connections by handing out bottles of Mentos Gum — that’s one bottle per student at The University of Wisconsin-Madison. If he succeeded, DJ Khaled would come to the school to perform. On top of that, anyone could submit a suggestion to win a free trip and VIP pass to the concert. For the past months, the office has been living, breathing and and chewing Mentos Gum. Seeing everything come to life in my first campaign was magical. These are the types of projects we would design and develop in classes at school, but seeing the brainstorming turn into designs turn into an actual campaign is beyond cool.

Our interactive team came up with the design for this one-page website and started on development as soon as everything was approved. The process was much like I imagined it to be — a few bumps in the road and a few things that we spent a lot of time on were scrapped last minute — but the end result was still functional and whole.

What the interactive team needed: A website that showed what the campaign and challenge was about. Plus three different versions of this site. A pre-launch splash page, a page featuring the video produced about the project and a post-campaign landing page.

There were a lot of players in this game and we needed a website that anyone on our FastHorse team could update. To fit that need, we knew we would be using WordPress. Next, we needed a few main features, a way to collect suggestion submissions (WooBox), a way to display the amount of Mentos Gum that was left (ACF), a way to display social feeds (ACF + Juicer), and a map to show Sam’s location (Google Maps – API).

WooBox took care of taking in, filtering spam, and organizing the submissions data. Juicer was a nice, automated way to pull in social posts based on influencers, hashtag, or social account, and moderate then re-post anything related to the campaign. We developed an interactive map that showed Sam’s location daily that could be updated using Advanced Custom Fields. I learned the most about Google Maps API during this project.

Take a look at the site here, or search #SamHasMentosGum on all the social medias!