A List Of Favorites (Website Edition)

October 4, 2017

I recently came across Glam Doll’s new website and was so intrigued by the design and development. It led me down a rabbit hole of cool (some local) websites and great inspiration.

While simple and clean, they used strong photography, type, colors and a killer layout. You can tell every element was thought out and is necessary. There is no extra fluff and everything is laid out as you would expect while still portraying their brand identity: fun + donuts!

The LynhallWhile I have never been, I live a few blocks from The Lynhall, which led me to their website. In a world of simple, mainly Squarespace-based restaurant websites, the Lynhall takes displaying their business to a whole new level. Using WordPress Subtle animations make it dynamic but clean and soft. When you have such a beautiful space, it’s essential your brand expands beyond that.

The Hewing HotelThere is a lot on this website. A lot of content, a lot of color, a lot of functionality and a lot of style. The functionality is most intriguing to me; Setting up a website that can showcase your business but still immediately give the visitor all the information they need is really the struggle of any website build. It’s done well at hewing.com, and all on a CMS for easy updates. Check out the subtle patterns and textures used throughout the site.

This Place JournalThis one isn’t local, but it always stays as my No. 1 pick for favorite website. I am obsessed with the seamless transitions and flawless type + scroll animations. Plus, that film is breathtaking. It helps when you have beautiful content to work with.

Surfing the web and going down the many website rabbit holes is what got me into the web development industry. I love to build websites and work with cool companies doing cool things.  In this ever-evolving world of design and development, it is important to keep up to date with all of the various options out there.

Short story shorter: Websites are cool!