Rental Kitchen Hacks

September 27, 2017

My cousin Megan and I recently graduated from our charming, old, but beloved frat house in Uptown to a new apartment in the North Loop. Built in 1905, our new place has the cool, historic elements that the Warehouse district is known for – exposed brick, wood beams, high ceilings, but it also has the remains of a 70s/80s renovation that totally kills the trendiness (fun fact #1: Jorg lived a few units down back in the 90s; fun fact #2: I bet our kitchens looked exactly the same).

Meg and I took to Google and Pinterest to spruce up the space to its full potential, so I’m sharing some of the rental hacks we found that won’t kill our security deposit.

Contact paper. On everything.

We loved the open spaces of our new place, but the kitchen cabinets leave something to be desired. That is, they’re white and wood, straight from the ’70s and totally ruin the exposed-brick vibe in the rest of the space. One of the best tricks we found online was putting contact paper directly over the cabinets.

(Image Source: Country Living)

You guessed it: more contact paper.

The faux-marble contact paper looks awesome over countertops and fakes a much richer kitchen.

(Image Source: Appliance Art)

No really. On everything.

Home Depot sells some awesome adhesive tile strips you can use to easily fake a full backsplash.

(Image Source: Home Depot)

Light fixtures

It seems obvious, but switching out the dated light fixtures totally transforms the space, especially with our high ceilings.

(Image Source: Ikea)