Plants, Pups And Professional Attire: Meet Rebecca

August 2, 2017

Hello to all! My name is Rebecca Power. I am one of a few new interns here at Fast Horse and a recent grad from Minneapolis Community and Technical College. I am a front-end web developer, sometimes a web designer and always a web person — I spend too much time on the internet.

When I’m not doing that, I’m listening to music, hanging out with my dog Leo — an 85-pound retired greyhound who cannot climb up stairs and spends 80 percent of his day sleeping — cross-stitching Kanye tweets and watching reality TV. I like being outdoors and spending the Minnesota summers at the lake. When not spending the weekends at the cabin up north, I like to go camping… until it’s time to go to sleep and I realize being out in the woods at night is a horrible idea and will certainly lead to death.

My time here at Fast Horse has been great. I am learning a lot, like how to wake up at 6 a.m. every day — and that my wardrobe is seriously lacking professional attire. I feel extremely grateful to have been given this opportunity to work in the world wide web within the advertising world.

Other fun facts: I will never use “definitely” in any form of typed or written conversation for fear of accidentally using “defiantly.” I read a lot of fantasy books (preferably series, preferably with dragons) and will still try to use MSN short codes when typing (Y). I own and take care of a lot of plants… and if you need a weekly email reminder to take care of yours, I got you. Sign Up for Water Wednesday or just give the IG a follow @waterwednesday.

Currently reading: “A Darker Shade of Magic”
Currently watching: Game of Thrones, Insecure, RHOBH, RHONY
Current listening (podcasts): “My Favorite Murder” and “Song Exploder”
Current listening (music): Waxahatchee and Arcade Fire

Check back next time when I have a hot take on something and am not just talking about myself the whole time!