Parenting Moments We Weren’t Prepared For

August 18, 2017

It’s the stuff you didn’t read about in parenting books or get advice about from your grandmother. Sometimes you’re in the middle of dealing with the most absolutely disgusting thing you’ve ever smelled/seen/touched, and other times it’s the heart-melting, giggle-inducing, never-thought-I-could-feel-this-many-feelings sort of moment; whether it’s the mushy emotional stuff, or the mushy disgusting stuff, we’ve all had that “I wasn’t prepared for” feeling.

Recently, we partnered with Babies “R” Us to launch a new platform that aims to help all parents “Be Prepared-ish” for the unexpected. As we shared stories of the moments we were least prepared for, one thing stood out (leaked out?) in our minds: your baby’s first blowout. Can you ever be prepared for that first big, messy, down the pants and up the back diaper explosion? We think so, and we’re putting together some fun kits to prove it.

In addition to sending these Baby’s First Blowout boxes, we’ve asked influencers to share a photo or video and a story of the moments they were least prepared for using #IWasntPreparedFor.

Through all the brainstorms, storytelling and shared “OMG, that happened to me too!” moments, I realized we have some great #IWasn’tPreparedFor moments just between the parents at Fast Horse. So here are some of the stand-out sappy and disgusting moments we were least prepared for.

“I wasn’t prepared for MANY things, some of which include how every little smile and look makes my heart melt, how much I miss sleep, how much hair babies lose (he’s balding!) and how much I want to hug the person who invented pacifiers.” – Alex Weaver

“My #IWasntPreparedFor moment was when I was traveling for work and had to pump in the airplane bathroom while 10,000 feet in the air. Funny enough, I passed the pump battery pack to my client on the way back to my seat, so she could pump too.  It’s amazing how moms always have each other’s backs — and can make the nutty feel kinda normal.” – Melissa Bertling

“The first time Ellie got the stomach flu she was about 18 months old. She didn’t yet know how to direct her bodily fluids in any specific direction (like toward the toilet or a bucket), so after going through three or four sets of pajamas and sheets, I ended up just putting her in the bathtub naked and sitting with her on my lap. It was the most disgusting thing I’ve ever witnessed.” — Talia Wischmann

“#IWasntPreparedFor how f*cking adorable it would be to see my 7-year-old son read a book to his 5-year-old brother.

And I also wasn’t prepared for a diaper full of sour, half-digested oatmeal and blueberries being the foulest-smelling thing I’d ever encounter.” – Mike Keliher

“I have a great one of driving to my cabin and my youngest, Cece, was super quiet. I stopped for gas and looked in the back seat and she had found a marker and drawn all over herself. Literally head to toe.

I also remember the first time one of my kids threw up in the car. I was on the way to my grandmother’s funeral which was later that day. Driving like mad so I could make it on time. All of a sudden, barf. All over the back seat, all over the outfit, in the back seat pocket – it was everywhere. And I had nothing, NOTHING to help clean it up. I stopped at a convenience store to get some cleaning supplies/paper towels, and almost lost it walking into the store. The woman behind the counter took pity on me and actually helped me clean up everything and sent me on my way. We still made it to the funeral on time.” – Allison Checco