Kith x Coca-Cola

August 9, 2017

Sometimes our work takes us to some pretty random locations. Over the past three weeks, I’ve been to small-town Missouri to film how they bottle the recently introduced Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, to a trendy studio in Los Angeles organizing interviews with new generation of the Fantanas and to the middle of Times Square to help launch a brand-new billboard.

But last Friday, work took me to a swanky spot in the Hamptons: the Kith x Coca-Cola house, an insanely gorgeous mansion decked out in the chicest of Coca-Cola apparel and accessories created in collaboration with designer and Kith founder, Ronnie Fieg. Or as GQ describes him, a “retail mastermind,” “the king of sneakers” and “the gatekeeper of cool.”

If you aren’t familiar with Kith or Fieg, check the full GQ article out: How Kith’s Ronnie Fieg Became the King of Sneakers in 2016

We had the amazing opportunity to work with Kith as part of Coca-Cola’s “Share an ICE COLD Coke” program. Together, the brands created an experience that embodies a true, nostalgic, American summer — complete with classic Chuck Taylors, pool accessories, vintage denim and refreshing, ice-cold Coca-Cola. It’s a collection that the Coveteur describes as “the best collaboration that Kith has ever put out.”

Enjoy Kith™

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After chatting with Ronnie about the collection and his vision, I learned a few things very quickly. One, the guy spits a never-ending flow of ideas and concepts; two, he has a hell of a lot of admiration, love and respect for the Coca-Cola brand; and three, this stuff is going to be gone in seconds.

I knew Kith products were hard to come by, but I didn’t realize just how exclusive things were. The killer jean shorts that I was drooling over? Ronnie said there were 50 made. Total. It’s all part of his vision — he wants people to feel special when they wear his designs. And I think it’s safe to say they’ll feel especially special if they get their hands on Kith x Coca-Cola.

Sold yet? Check out some of my pics from the house below (especially the closet), and peep some of the cool nods to Coca-Cola history throughout the collection – like the Georgia green bottom of the Chucks to represent the original glass Coke bottle.