DIY Projects: When You Can’t Find It, Build It

August 25, 2017

Antiquing is not fun. Several weeks ago, I was hoodwinked into waking up at an obscene hour to check out the source of all vintage furniture in the city: Empty Nest, a thrift store that resells gently used furniture from consignment and estate sales. I was looking for a shelf, maybe a table. Upon my arrival, I realized how wholly unprepared I was. A gaggle of 60 humans, milling around, waiting for the store to open, were discussing a variety of topics: the proper way to feed a large boa constrictor, how knitting is completely different from crocheting, best practices for removing a tree from your yard — not ideal. A bullhorn announced the mad dash and people ran — I repeat — ran into the store to claim items. I stayed for 15 minutes and left. I was going to build my own shelf.

So I did. Ben Uyeda is a designer that runs the blog Home Made Modern, providing easy-to-follow tutorial videos on building your own home furnishings. The project I took on is called the hanging garden, which is supposed to look like this:

After a sourcing the materials, a couple hours of cutting the wood, and several more of attempting to level the damn thing, here’s what I managed:

The process of building something with your hands is incredibly rewarding and I’d recommend checking out Ben’s other projects — they’re approachable, beginner-friendly and look sharp to boot.