Summer Trivia With Daniella

July 17, 2017

My husband and I moved to Minneapolis almost five years ago, and we have made it our mission to learn as much from the U.S. as we possibly can. We have found this is the best way to strike up conversations, make friends and drink the Kool-Aid.

This last weekend a friend of ours gave us a book called “The Big Book of American Facts: 1,000 Interesting Facts and Trivia About the USA.” It’s so interesting and funny, and I thought I would share some of the most *ahem* interesting and educational facts I could find:

      • There is an ATM in Miami designed specifically for rollerblades.
      • In the state of Montana there are three times as many cows than people — but most people probably already knew this.

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      • The absolute furthest you can get from a McDonald’s in the 48 contiguous states is 107 miles.
      • The U.S. city with the most golfers per capita is Minneapolis (this one if for my golf-loving fellow Ponies).
      • Topeka, Kansas was renamed “ToPikachu” for one day in 1998 when Pokémon arrived in the U.S.

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    • According to one study, 42 percent of Americans believe in ghosts.
    • Alaska’s official state sport is dog mushing.
    • Delaware is the only state that you can’t fly to on a commercial flight.
    • Including people who speak Spanish as their second language, the U.S. is the second-largest Spanish-speaking country in the world.
    • In the U.S., Kinder eggs are illegal.
    • Every day in the U.S., about 100 acres of pizza are sold and about 22 million chickens are eaten.