How Restaurants Are Impressing Instagram

July 24, 2017

At Fast Horse, we utilize Slack as our main form of instant messaging. Slack lets us keep each other up-to-date on important work-related matters, current events, creative inspiration and the birth of Beyoncé’s twins. Yesterday, a colleague shared this article with the group. Casey Newton of The Verge took it upon herself to explore a popular, up and coming trend: “instagrammable” restaurant aesthetic.

Frankly, from a business standpoint, her arguments make sense. It’s an age-old tactic: creating a “hook,” as Newton mentions, to draw consumers in. From there, businesses can create the perfect form of earned media simply by changing their look. For example, as Newton highlights, California-based Media Noche decided to create an eye-catching aesthetic simply by finding unique flooring, leading to hundred of posts and presumably thousands of impressions. With positive impressions comes new business. Newton recounts a conversation with one of Media Noche’s founders proving this notion, detailing that “the restaurant’s early social media success has attracted tourists from as far away as China and Japan. They saw the photos and they say, ‘I want that for my Instagram.’”

This got me thinking from a consumers’ end — when exactly did we transition from posting pictures of our waffles from Black: Coffee and Waffle Bar to the infamous exterior of the restaurant itself? What is the value to us?



I looked to our in-house social media expert, Talia Wischmann, for some insight, and she could not have theorized it better:

“In a psychological sense, people have a deep desire to feel accepted, validated and liked. The more a physical space can provide opportunities for people to create beautiful images, the more consumers will visit that space. Offering delicious fare and drinks is certainly a key component as well, since no one wants to post pretty bites that taste like crap. So, it’s really a combination of those offerings that consumers love: beautiful space and atmosphere, good service and delicious food.”

In the end, if you’re looking to grab some grub and work on your personal Instagram aesthetic, the Star Tribune has provided us all with a great list of local “Instagram-worthy” restaurants to check out. Happy posting!