Celebrating The Side Hustle

July 20, 2017

There are a lot of millennials working at Fast Horse. If you’ve picked up a newspaper or read a business article about my 20-35-year-old cohort, you know many of us want to work on things we’re passionate about. Those feel-good projects aren’t always lucrative for agencies, consultants or marketing firms, but they can be a great opportunity for a side hustle.

Many of us at Fast Horse have consistent side projects or work with friends who need a new website, business cards or a social media strategy. Others of us sit on boards at nonprofits or help plan events for niche advertising groups in the Twin Cities.

If you’re interested in exploring your own passion projects (or making a few extra dollars), here are a few tips for finding your own side hustle:

  • Figure out what can be easily packaged into a project, and offer those skills up to some friends or businesses you care about. For me, it’s pretty simple to figure out how many hours a social media audit will take, so that’s often something I offer to friends who own small businesses.
  • Test some new skills on the side. Interested in writing for pay but haven’t done it before? Start a blog or write a few personal pieces, then send them to an editor for some feedback.
  • Find an organization, company or industry you’re passionate about, and ask what they need. Especially in the nonprofit sector, you might find yourself doing a completely different job than what you do from 9-5.
  • Start your own thing. After a few years of learning how to operate a camera and running a food-photography blog on the side, you could be in a position to start freelancing or offering services to clients.
  • Start attending events and meet-ups related to your interests. Writing workshops, photography classes, fashion shows, gallery openings and marketing network events are all great ways to meet people who can help you find your niche.