Introducing The Brand-New Trystar Site

May 17, 2017

We at Fast Horse have been working with the good people of Trystar for about two years now — helping with everything from customer research and brand strategy development to video production and collateral design and more. Trystar manufactures temporary and portable power-distribution equipment, which is used at major entertainment events like the Ryder Cup and Bonnaroo, disaster response situations like the I-35 bridge collapse or the flooding in Baton Rouge.

It’s a great company full of great people, and they have an incredible story to tell — all the raw materials a marketer loves to work with. The latest and perhaps biggest of our efforts for Trystar was finally unveiled to the world a week ago today when we launched the brand-new This was a momentous occasion for the company, as its previous website was somewhat lifeless, didn’t really highlight their strengths, and was wildly out of date — in part because it wasn’t designed and built in a way that made it easy to keep up with the fast-growing, ever-evolving company.

Luckily, we were able to help them solve all of that and more. Trystar has been eager to make important investments in beautiful photography and gorgeous filmmaking, which gives us great assets to work with. Our team designed a stunning website that effectively presents not only the products Trystar makes and addresses who they’re made for but also digs deep into what makes Trystar different — there’s a page that’s actually called The Trystar Difference!

There’s some really slick behind-the-scenes stuff going on, too, such as the way mere mortals (as opposed to developers) are able to deploy some elaborate styling to make some pretty complex-looking pages quite quickly and easily. I suspect Joe Rstom, the site’s developer, will share more about that in future, much more technical post.

Take a few minutes to check out our handiwork at And if you’re in the market for a generator docking station or some welding cable, be sure to fill out the fancy new Request A Quote form!