Celebrating All Pets’ Abilities

May 3, 2017

Normally, I’ll have a laugh about the overly silly “national days” that people celebrate. For example, today is “National Two Different Color Shoes Day,” a celebration of the Invader Zim fan in your life, or “National Raspberry Popover Day.”

It’s also a day to celebrate and show some extra love to disabled pets: National Specially Abled Pets Day. I turn into a total puddle at the sight of any dog, and that goes double for pets who are cared for like members of the family. If I think about it too long and hard, I will straight-up sob when I think about people selflessly caring for dogs who would otherwise be abandoned or put down.

So, to celebrate, here are a few local dogs you can adopt, along with a great (and Facebook-famous) dog sanctuary in Tennessee who provide quality care for aging dogs, many of whom are disabled.


Sweet Argo is deaf, which means training him involves learning hand signals and paying attention to obedience and training courses. He’s available for adoption from Secondhand Hounds, and his foster parents say he’s a great, cuddly, loyal dog for someone who’s up to the challenge.


I will confess: If I lived in a single-level home, I would’ve brought Ranger home two years ago. He’s blind, which means that stairs are hard, but he seems like the perfect dog. Reading his biography always gets me misty-eyed. If you have a fenced yard and no stairs, please adopt Ranger.


If you’re looking for a dog who has the energy and love of a puppy, look no further than Martini, a sweet deaf pitbull. Puppy cuddles (or dog cuddles in general) are just the best, and Martini shows that loving a disabled dog is just natural.

Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary

I am a huge fan of OFSDS, a Tennessee-based facility and adoption agency that provides a loving forever home to senior dogs, many of whom are deaf, blind or otherwise disabled. Their Facebook page is a source of joy and positivity — and love of dogs, of course. They’re in the middle of a big fundraising push, so if you think caring for a senior dog is a noble cause, send them a few dollars.