A Weekend For The Birds

May 1, 2017

Don’t ask what got into me, because I have almost no idea — but this weekend, I was spontaneously inspired to do something bordering on creative… something I haven’t done in literally 30 years.

It all started during a visit to a local craft store. No, I’m not a Michael’s regular, but I stopped by to pick up a print I’d had custom-framed. Suddenly I found myself in – and this is so weird – the birdhouse aisle. Weird, first, because there is a birdhouse aisle, but second because I spent Saturday planting a magnolia tree in my front yard, and had a fleeting thought that it would be kind of fun to hang a birdhouse from its branches someday.

The new magnolia standing guard in my front yard.


So there I stood, awkwardly browsing through the birdhouse options, increasingly thinking about which I’d most like, meanwhile grappling with a strange desire to paint one and make it look cool. Or as cool as a birdhouse can look.

Look, I’m no artist. At all. I was never good in art classes, and my drawing abilities are nonexistent. I’ve always really enjoyed painting real things, like walls and ceilings, but crafty painting — crafty anything — just isn’t within my skill set. But what the hell, I thought. It was a cold and dreary Sunday, so damn it, I bought a bird house, some brushes and a few tubes of acrylic paint.

I have to admit, it was an incredibly relaxing and surprisingly enjoyable activity. In fact, I’m a little worried I may have stumbled upon a hobby, although I assure you I won’t become a crazy birdhouse painter. Check out my little project below.


A two-story home fit for a nice bird family.

I selected burnt umber for the roof, chimney and side pillars. A solid choice, I think.

White windows and a white picket fence seemed like the perfect touch.











Added some green grass. Birds like grass.

The finished product, ready for move-in

…from an angle.