And The Winner Is… Everyone

February 23, 2017

Every once in a while, you have one of those days at work where you look around at the end of everything and think, “Damn. That was cool.” I’ve had about a week’s worth of those days this month.

The latest one was yesterday.

Back on Feb. 9 (one of the earlier “Damn. That was cool.” days this month), Alli wrote about our work with Deluxe to announce the finalists for season two of “Small Business Revolution — Main Street.” After nearly a million votes were cast (!) and a small army of people managed to keep a secret for about a week, the Fast Horse and Deluxe teams introduced the winner: Bristol, Penn..

In just a couple of hours, the video views tipped past 100,000, and the video had been shared more than 5,000 times. We had four TV news crews in attendance for the big reveal in Bristol. We saw videos like this one popping up all over social media. I could go on, but words don’t really capture the spirit and the energy of it all.

This might, though.

Check out the heart and the class and the enthusiasm on display from the good people of Red Wing, Minnesota — the runner-up. When you tap into something this powerful, everyone’s a winner.