Think Spring! Upgrade Your Wardrobe For Less

January 23, 2017

Without fail, around this time of year I am about ready to throw my entire wardrobe out the window. I am sick of the sweaters and boots, and would give anything to simply throw on a t-shirt and walk out the door.

This is a dangerous time for me. As a flood of spring collections will inevitably arrive in my inbox over the next few months, I’ll be tempted to splurge on anything and everything that reminds me of the sunshine. And with a few vacations in my immediate future, impulse buying is not in the budget.

The good news: With some time, and just a little bit of patience, new does not always have to mean expensive. Today I’m going to share a few tricks I’ve learned to help upgrade your seasonal wardrobe, without totally destroying your budget. 


While online resale shops like Tradesy and Poshmark have picked up steam recently, it was an Instagram account called @noihsaf.bazaar that forever changed the way I buy and sell clothes. This particular account allows you snap a photo and sell your clothing direct to the account’s thousands of followers for a super-low flat selling fee of $2.80. On the account you’ll find higher-end pieces from brands like Acne, Everlane and Hackwith Design House selling for a fraction of their retail price. It’s a perfect way to help fund your spring wardrobe while finding new pieces all in one place. There’s also accounts for men (@noihsaf_men), home (@noihsaf_home), vintage (@noihsaf.vintage), kids (@noihsaf_kiddos), and activewear (

In love with a new item, but don’t want to pay full price? Honey is here for you! Honey is a Chrome plugin that searches the Internet for coupon codes at checkout and automatically applies them to your order. An easy way to score 10 or 25 percent off with the click of a button, Honey is a no-brainer, and works on everything from clothing and furniture, to electronics. It doesn’t work all the time, and works better at more big-box outlets like Macy’s, but regardless it’s a great way to make sure you’re not missing out on savings.

Make What’s Old New Again
From frayed edges to oversized everything, a lot of this year’s biggest trends also happen to be easy DIYs. Simply snip the hem off of an old pair of jeans or a shirt and wash for a totally updated feel on something that is already in your closet. For the ladies, one other easy way to find inexpensive oversized tops is to shop the men’s section of thrift stores. Men’s shirts are often made with better fabric, and are less expensive than what you find in the women’s section. Simply look for your size (or size down one size) and you’ll find a whole new world of loose-fitted tees and button-down shirts that feel perfectly on-trend.

Host a Clothing Swap
Do you and your friends share similar taste? Clothing swaps are a fun way to add a few new pieces to your wardrobe, and are also a great excuse for a night in with friends. Simply get a group together and have everyone bring a bag full of gently used goods — this can include anything from clothes and accessories to home and kitchen goods. Setting parameters ahead of time is always helpful so people are bringing similarly priced items. Shop each others’ discarded items over a bottle of wine, and you’ll walk home with new-to-you fall pieces at no cost to you.

Happy shopping!