A Comic Couple Of Years

January 17, 2017

In past Peepshow posts I’ve covered my nerdiest of hobbies: art collecting, Fantasy novels and podcasts. But this past year I really dialed in on a few favorites and really learned a lot about what I love in comic-book writing and art. In my youth, I was ravenous for anything with a punisher or a bat human or a hulk smash. Thankfully, my tastes have matured and now I accept stories about yucky things like feelings and adolescence. Further proof of my high standards is my reverence for intergalactic humanoid-spider bounty hunters.

These are my favorite comics of 2016:


Saga — Brian K. Vaughan. This one has been in print for the past few years, and it’s absurd and heartwarming and weird and funny and is a total must-read.


Low — Rick Remender. Rick Remender is my favorite active writer. What he does with comic storytelling is absolutely original, and he’s at the top of his game currently. But the reason this book makes my list over his other books is because of the art. Greg Tocchini draws chaotic and expressive lines which are enhanced by colorful abstract palettes. The combination is unbeatable and keeps me coming back for second reads.


Paper Girls — Brian K. Vaughan. If you liked “Stranger Things,” you need to read “Paper Girls.” Such an incredibly cool premise and characters you really want to believe in.


Vision — Tom King. Take an Artificial Intelligence who exists in the world of superheroes, but give him the desire to have a human family. That’s where this series kicks off and no one saw it coming. It’s as weird as you’d expect and pivots from the typical superhero arc.


Wytches — Scott Snyder. This book could have been collaboration between Stephen King and Eli Roth. It’s horrifying and mysterious. The second you think you know what’s going on, the truth is surprising and somehow worse. Art by the legendary Jock.


Looking forward to in 2017:


March — John Lewis. A highly rated historical comic set during the Civil Rights movement. I’m excited to dive in!


Seven to Eternity — Rick Remender. A completely original sci-fi story set in an alternate universe where a god has spread paranoia throughout existence. Remender is at the top of his game and this one is sure to be one of his best. The art, once again, could likely surpass the quality of the writing. Opeña is like a cross between HR Giger and Jim Lee.