2016’s Songs Of The Week

January 4, 2017

Each Monday, I send to all of my colleagues a very informal little “newsletter” I call the Fast Horse Weekly. It’s a collection of client news and project highlights, interesting articles, and other little tidbits. I also regularly include two features: an amusing and out-of-context Quote of the Week and, because I have excellent taste, a Song of the Week.

These Songs of the Week are a grab bag of new stuff that’s caught my eye — or ear, as it were — some old classics, and everything in between. Bowie died? You’re damn right the SOTW is “Rebel Rebel.” Sturgill Simpson has a new album? You’re damn right he gets a nod. Someone reminded me that Wolfmother exists (existed?)? You’re damn right we’re all going to be listening to “Joker and the Thief” on Monday morning. What better way to start the week?

To celebrate a great year of collecting and sharing great music, here are some highlights from 2016’s Song of the Week selections. You’re welcome!