6 Favorite Lunch Recipes

December 5, 2016

The North Loop is great for cocktails and dinner, but when it comes time for lunch, fast and inexpensive options are few and far between. Now that the weather is finally starting getting cooler, my Sundays are usually spent at the grocery store or in the kitchen prepping meals for the week.

Today I thought I’d share a few of my favorite lunch recipes. All of these are relatively inexpensive, and easy to make on Sunday and throw in the fridge or freezer for your lunch enjoyment all week long. Sorry, C. McGees.

Spicy chicken and sweet potato bowls from Pinch of Yum
These bowls are so easy to make and taste delicious. Buying this cajun seasoning will change your life.


Meal prep carnitas bowls from Fit Foodie Finds
It’s basically Chipotle!


Healthy sweet potato skins from Pinch of Yum
Pro tip: These can be frozen and reheated so you can keep them for weeks!


Beef and barley soup from The Food Charlatan
I’m not that into hugs, but if I were I would imagine this is what it would feel like. 


Chili — two ways:

The [semi] easy way: The best chili on earth by Pip and Ebby
I dont’ know if this is actually the best chili on earth, but it’s pretty damn good. 


The hard way: The best chili ever by Kenji at Serious Eats
This recipe takes more than a day and about seven million ingredients, but it might actually be the best. chili. ever.
Note: Kenji is great and you should buy his cookbook. It weighs about 15 pounds.