Vaya Con Dios, Vine

November 9, 2016

If, for some reason, you wanted small, bizarre, easily digestible pieces of content to distract you from something, I’m your guy!

Vine pretty immediately rocked the marketing world upon its introduction in 2012. It was everything brands could dream of — a six-second commercial delivered by a nontraditional spokesperson, straight to the devices of the millennials they crave so much. Much has been written about the meteoric overinflation of the Viner market and its subsequent puncturing by Snapchat and Instagram, but I’ll maintain that it was the right platform at the right time, and our agency’s Vine projects were successful. As a way to advance the language of online communication, it was second to none — who’d have thought that a simple looping function would reorganize how we consume comedy, news, entertainment and more?

Anyway, I loved Vine, and I still do. I don’t have much patience for the pantheon of “Vine stars” — six-second comedy usually relied too heavily on lazy slapstick, blatant misogyny and cheap “bro” humor. But I have spent whole hours of my life in tears because of well-made Vines. Here are a few of my recent favorites.

Well, Vine, it’s been real. May you saunter into the sunset of the digital world as effortlessly as this dog.