True Or False: Facebook Metrics

November 17, 2016

In September, Facebook disclosed that it had been inaccurately reporting a key measurement marketers relied on to interpret the success of their content marketing efforts on the big blue platform. And just this week, the metrics minions from Menlo Park disclosed a slew of additional whoopsie-daisies in their metrics.

This has significant news with major implications for an incredible variety of brands and businesses. How closely were you paying attention to your ad-industry reporting this week? Can you tell which of the following Facebook has admitted to reporting inaccurately to marketers?

  1. The average viewing time for video ads
  2. Average share count for bullshit “satire” stories from
  3. The number of friends who actually want to see your knees and toes in your photo of the beach you’re at
  4. How many people watched the Facebook Live stream you just “butt dialed” from your pocket
  5. The weekly and monthly reach of your posts
  6. The number of free vacations awarded to people who “share this link”
  7. How many people “liked” your indecipherable earthquake-style video of the “floating stage” at the Kanye show
  8. The number of friend requests you received this month from actual humans
  9. The number of people who watched the entirety of your video content
  10. The effectiveness of “one weird trick”
  11. How many people follow George Takei and actually know who he is and why he’s famous
  12. Time spent with publishers’ Instant Articles
  13. The number of your friends who don’t even use Facebook anymore
  14. The impact fake news stories had on the election


(ANSWERS: 1, 5, 9 and 12)