Fast Horse, This Is Hannah

October 31, 2016

Hello Fast Horse admirers! I’m one of the numerous employees named Hannah here, yet only the second to hold the receptionist position. Growing up as a Hannah, I am sure we all have plenty of stories about being constantly confused with others. So what makes me different? Let’s break it down…

H: Hospitable. My background is mainly in the events industry, which has taught me a lot about hospitality and professional interactions. Looking back at all of the microphone blow-outs, brides that made me cry and last-minute improvisations, I have learned that every task presents itself as a learning experience.


A: Awkward. In one of my college courses, we were tasked with giving in-person feedback to our fellow group members on a recent project we had completed. Everyone was complimented on their contribution and strengths that others felt benefited the project and group as a whole. What was my strength? I was told that I had an original kind of quirkiness and everyone loved how I embraced it. Unfortunately, yes, this was news to me. I guess it is important to be humble and embrace the characteristics that define us?

N: Native. Simply put, I was born and raised right here in the Twin Cities. This does not exactly make me different from the rest, but may help to explain my monotone Minnesotan accent and strong aversion to when people say “bagels” incorrectly.

N: Newbie. I recently graduated from the University of Minnesota–Twin Cities, where I pursued a double-major in strategic communications and Spanish studies, alongside a minor in leadership. Although I am new to the workforce, I have gained many skills through my experiences abroad and on campus that I feel have given me a unique perspective and drive to learn.


A: Amateur. I have to admit, I am pretty mediocre at anything related to sports, playing an instrument and general Wednesday-night trivia. Perhaps my highest achievement was earning the first chair for French horn in my 7th grade band class, which may or may not have been due to the fact that I was the only French horn player in that section. The important thing to remember here is although I tend to lack a strong talent, I have always been persistent and have learned that confidence is key; I owned that first chair, no matter how I got there.

H: Happy. In the end, my name turned out to be the first indication that I knew I would fit in here, aside from filling the agency quota of Hannahs on staff. Fast Horse, this is me, and I am so happy to have landed here and to continue my journey as a Pony.