Fast Horse Founder’s Day 2016: Rousing Success

October 4, 2016

WHEREAS the Fast Horse marketing agency celebrated its 15th anniversary on Saturday, October 1, a date known as Founder’s Day, and

WHEREAS October 1 fell on a Saturday this year and there’s totally no point in having a company celebration on a weekend, and

WHEREAS Monday, October 3, was the next best option for celebrating the anniversary of this kick-ass agency, and

WHEREAS Mike Keliher had an opportunity to demonstrate for his colleagues his prowess at dart throwing, scoring not one but two walk-off bull’s-eyes


WHEREAS we all learned on this fateful day that the game of whirlyball is the bestest game, and

No one told me whirlyball is the best sport.

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WHEREAS everyone collectively chose to forego the second scheduled activity (laser tag) in favor of more whirlyball, and

WHEREAS some of the Fast Horse folk followed up whirlyball with manicures and pedicures and somehow a damn dinosaur showed up, which I’m told is not normal, and


WHEREAS we enjoyed a fantastic dinner and great company to cap off the day,

THEREFORE, I, Mike Keliher, president of the Stillwater Public Library Board of Trustees, ordained minister of the Universal Life Church, and guy who’s been at Fast Horse longer than all but three or four people at Fast Horse, hereby proclaim Fast Horse Founder’s Day 2016 a rousing success.