Five Years At Fast Horse

September 19, 2016

This week marks my five-year anniversary at Fast Horse. Five years. How is that even possible?

I was reminded by one of my good friends that I actually predicted I would stay in the stable for this long when I was hired fresh off my internship. It’s funny to imagine 23-year-old Alex having that sort of foresight. Then again, I’ve always known that Fast Horse would be an amazing agency for me to grow up professionally and personally, and a place where I could develop my skills, learn new things every day and see impact on cool projects with even cooler people. Whether you’re 23 or 28, learning what you value and finding those things in your career, coworkers, supervisors, clients and leadership is something you hold on to… for five years and more.

So, to celebrate, here’s a sneak peek at my five highlights of my to-date career at Fast Horse, including a bonus from my internship. Even though those six months don’t technically count toward my five-year anniversary, I was still technically a real person. 😉

My top highlight is absolutely the people. Fast Horse is filled with incredibly smart, talented, interesting people and I wouldn’t be who I am today without them. Whether it’s a new business pitch, hashing out strategy in a conference room, enjoying a day at Jorg’s farm, late nights during work trips or just walking to grab coffee, these people are some of the best and make every day awesome.


My second is having the freedom and flexibility to learn new things, take risks, fail and dust myself off and get better next time. Over the last two years, I’ve been able to pivot my career and get my hands dirty in more digital work, including content creation, production, planning, brand strategy and social. It hasn’t been without its learning moments, but it has brought me closer to my passions, taught me so much and allowed me to get involved in clients that were new to me, including Deluxe and General Mills.

My third is surviving the Jersey Shore for Coke’s Open for Summer campaign and being awake for nearly 42 hours. We threw a big party on the beach, which entailed a lot of coordination, overnight setup and getting back to the hotel — only to shower and get dressed to staff the event, two media tours, one media event and so much more. Lots of laughs — some rooted in the sleepless delirium — and great memories. And I got to meet Alex Morgan.


My fourth is being part of the Box Tops for Education team and pulling off three celebrity negotiations and contracts, three shoots, 12 videos and a campaign launch… and all while kicking ass in our own Fast Horse way. Oh, and I got to meet Dave Coulier.

My fifth is Dave falling off his chair in the middle of a conference call, which wasn’t on mute. I was reminded of it the other day and LOL’d so hard. It’s just too good not to include in this list. 🙂

My bonus highlight (pouring one out for the six-month internship here) is my first keg stand, which happened at my first Fast Horse summer party, and the beer came out through my nose after two seconds. #winning


Cheers to the last five years and everyone who has made them what they were — it’s been a wild ride and keeps getting better.