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August 19, 2016

More than a year ago, I introduced the Peepshow community to my love of illustration and printmaking with this article highlighting some of my favorite artists. The October following that, I made a pilgrimage to the premier poster-art/pop culture event of the year: MondoCon. I’m happy to say that this year I’ll be heading down to Austin, Tex. once again this October, and I thought this was a perfect opportunity to talk about some of the artists who have grown in the past few years — both in talent and reverence among their peers.

MondoCon is now in its third iteration, and has grown from a ballroom’s worth of booths to two full locations and offering a variety of fine artists, comic artists, printmakers, music vendors and multimedia gurus.

They have yet to release a schedule of panels, but some of the highlights last year were Aaron Draplin, William Stout and the VACVVM. It’s rare that in one day you can hear a prolific graphic designer, a coveted Hollywood poster artist, and a group of young fine artists all discussing their craft and experiences. It was such a positive space to be in — full of inspiration and motivation.

There are a few artists in particular I’m looking forward to meeting and speaking with:

10636009_861946817162786_1645685852395039785_n_640Randy Ortiz

Hailing from Winnipeg, Ortiz is unique in this community for his use of charcoal as a medium. His pieces often highlight the duality of pain and love.

francescoFrancesco Francavilla

A very unique comic book artist with a list of credits too long to mention.

spiritedawayOlly Moss

He’s tackled Studio Ghibli and Disney properties with a fresh perspective but also pin-point aesthetic accuracy.

owl1Teagan White

The newest addition to the VACVVM, she’s my hometown shout-out, and also one of the most productive artists working today. Check out her army of adorable creatures, and wide array of illustrative styles. She’s fearless!