The Secret Death Of Summer

July 18, 2016

As of July 18, we have 66 days left of summer — approximately 70 percent of the season. That is not a typo, I couldn’t believe it myself. But I did the math twice. How can it be that we are just barely over a quarter of the way into summer?

It sure doesn’t feel that way. If you visit a store or take a peek at the stack of fall catalogs hitting mailboxes, it seems like fall is all around us, and it’s time to trade in those tiki torches and tanks for faux fur throws and flannels. This weekends trip to Home Depot and seeing the fall mums already on display really got me thinking: At what point did the 4th of July become the official start of back-to-school season?

Back to school

Time goes fast. We all know that, and the marketing communications that surround us can make things seem like they are moving even faster. Take the holidays, with Black Friday being a prime example. Last year, many stores started Black Friday the Wednesday prior — even before our actual Thanksgiving celebrations. At what point are seasons simply going to leapfrog one another? “Christmas creep” is a real term introduced in the ’80s, and this phenomenon seems to be extending to every other time of the year. You can be sure that Halloween candy will be hitting shelves soon. And at this rate, Christmas in July may actually become a real thing.

This summer, I have decided to put a plan into action and not let the fall catalogs and back-to-school displays get to me. As I head into the last three-quarters of the season, I am challenging myself to not let the length of my summer be determined by a retailers’ seasonal reset or a fire sale on No. 2 pencils, notebooks or dorm décor. My husband and I are going to do one “summery” thing every week until the official start of fall. This year I am doing summer by my terms, and I’m being “seasonally selfish.” I am bringing out my boots when it is truly boot season and sticking those mums in the ground when there is a chill in the air. Our summers in Minnesota are short enough — let’s not make them seem even shorter.

Lake Bonfire

For those of you looking to make the most of your 66 summer days, there is plenty of time and plenty to do. Happy summer!