Photo Essay On DK (Not Donkey Kong)

July 21, 2016

So full disclosure, I dug deep into the Fast Horse archives to catch up on past Pony introductions — you know, just so I knew what I was up against. Let’s just say the bar is set p-r-e-t-t-y high.

Having said that: Hey! I’m Daniella, one of the newest foals in the stable.

To keep things interesting, I decided I would do a timeline with some highlights that might give you a basic idea of where I have been in the past decade or so. Visual aids are included for your viewing pleasure.

So let’s #TBT to….

2006: Graduated high school in Costa Rica (my home country) and backpacked through Europe. I later moved to Washington, D.C., where I started a new life as an eagle at American University pursuing my passion in all affairs international.


2007/2008: Pizza with ranch/Family Guy/ultimate frisbee hatin’ pretty much sums up these two years. I obviously took this picture while confusing Washington state for D.C. Awkward.


2009: “Studied” abroad in Buenos Aires.


2010: Graduated AU, moved back to Costa Rica and (sigh) entered adulthood. Started my first real job doing communications and PR for the Costa Rican Investment Promotion Agency (come look for me and I’ll tell you all about it).


2011: I met Condoleezza Rice. That’s me reeeeally far in the back.


2012: Met David (my hubs) and started identifying Minneapolis on a map. Also, first time I ever experienced -20F temps. Thanks, Grand Marais.


2013: Got married and officially changed my hometown on Facebook to MSP.


2014: Became proud parents… to a dog. (Hold your horses, mom!)


2015: Started my Master’s program in Global Strategic Communications at Georgetown University.


2016: Travelled to Japan and morphed into a Horse!


Some additional info that might be of interest:

  • I love cooking, especially if it involves the use of a crock pot.
  • I love wallpaper (even though I don’t own any… as of now)
  • I’m the oldest of four siblings
  • I have a particular talent at finding life hacks
  • I’m really excited to be part of the Fast Horse team

I hope this post is up to par!