UnitedHealthcare At CES 2016: Health Care Innovation On Display

February 2, 2016

Most of the office-dwelling world traditionally spends the early days of each new year staring at their keyboards, half-heartedly shaking off the holiday cobwebs. But for hundreds of thousands of us, that slow, sad slog back into the daily grind simply won’t do.

Instead, we don our party pants and jump right on a Vegas-bound plane, headed for the biggest, baddest trade show in all the land: the Consumer Electronics Show.

For the fourth year, Fast Horse has helped UnitedHealth Group — and its UnitedHealthcare and Optum business units — extend their impressive presence on the show floor to an audience far beyond the Las Vegas Strip. UnitedHealthcare had several of its most compelling and innovative products and services on display at the show, and Fast Horse helped develop a digital content strategy and create dozens of videos, photos, articles and social posts.

And for the fourth year, the folks from UnitedHealthcare get to answer questions like “Why is an insurance provider at CES?” Which they see as an opportunity — a chance to educate interested people about how UnitedHealthcare is more than just policies and premiums.

Check out the short video below (which we produced!) for a quick overview of UnitedHealthcare’s display at CES, and see more good stuff at uhc.com/ces.