Sibling Love

February 25, 2016

Every few months, new blog posts, articles and research come to the social surface about how birth order shapes our personalities and impacts our behavior. Being the eldest, middle, youngest or only is not the only thing that defines who you are to the deepest core, but there is enough evidence that makes the impact undeniable. Navigating different personality types to build great things together is how we make a living in a creative industry, so I wanted to apply birth order to the workplace.

As an article posted in Psychology Today explains,“Whether we like it or not, we unconsciously create a family environment at work. Sometimes it resembles our personal family dynamic and sometimes it resembles the ideal family dynamic we never had.” It makes sense — we spend over half our lives in the workplace, and the people inside the walls of the office become family. If we can understand the birth-order dynamic, and be more aware of our “family” dynamics, we then can become more effective in communication and collaboration.

sibling pic

Where do you fall on the sibling food chain?

  • First Born: perfectionists, reliable, conscientious, structured, well-organized, leaders, controlling, critical, and serious
  • The Middle Child: mediator, diplomatic, avoids conflict, loyal to peers, has many friends, independent, somewhat rebellious, peacemaker
  • The Youngest: fun-loving, outgoing, manipulative, charming, attention seekers, natural salesperson, engaging, affectionate
  • The Only Child: thorough, deliberate, self-motivated, black-and-white thinkers, leaders, mature for their age, cautious, perfectionists

Now, the above is only directional. But taking the time for brief exercises like this forces self-reflection, and just for a minute lets us stop and think how we can help each other in this family of Ponies.