Staying Busy, From The Builder Show To The Bay Bridge

January 28, 2016

A busy workweek spanning from the Paris in Vegas to San Francisco’s Bay Bridge

It’s no secret that the diversity of working in a marketing agency attracts many people to the industry/lifestyle. My colleague Maggie recently opined about the subject, noting how wildly different each day is (and how difficult it can be to describe what exactly we do).

I love immersing myself in new subjects and experiencing new things. It’s the same motivation that inspired me to be a journalist prior to making the jump to agency life, and it’s the same drive that leads me to travel every chance I get.

This past week was a particularly apt example of the diverse work experiences we often have at Fast Horse. Let’s put it this way: I never expected that someday I’d spend half a week in Las Vegas at the world’s largest construction trade show, only to fly straight to San Francisco to execute a social media-driven scavenger hunt.

After a full day in the office on Monday, I flew to Vegas for the International Builders Show. It was even bigger than last year, and I helped give dozens of trade and consumer magazine editors, television and radio hosts and other journalists personalized tours of the massive booth operated by longtime Fast Horse client Marvin Windows and Doors. As expected, Marvin’s latest and greatest products were a huge hit, and it was an amazing experience.


After four days in Vegas, it was time to head to San Francisco to help execute a program for our client Heineken, as part of the brand’s “Cities” campaign, which aims to make great cities even greater.

Heineken is currently supporting The Bay Lights, a beautiful art installation on an iconic bridge that connects San Francisco and Oakland. The Bay Lights, which features thousands of ever-shifting LED lights, went dark last year, and Heineken is helping support the project’s permanent re-illumination. (Heineken’s campaign to support the project has garnered attention from AdWeek, the San Francisco Chronicle and others.)

Heineken also decided to “give away” lights on the bridge to some lucky fans. Winners receive an official certificate stating which light is theirs, and we decided to award some of these lights through a social media-driven scavenger hunt. Fans who successfully tweeted a selfie at each checkpoint using #HeinekenBayLights were eligible to win, and people had a great time participating, as you can see in these few examples.

Needless to say, it was an exhausting and draining week, and it’s good to be home. But I do count myself lucky to have the opportunity to experience something new every day, whether it’s at the office in Minneapolis, the Convention Center in Las Vegas, the streets of San Francisco – or even all three in the same week.