You Are The Culture

July 15, 2015

Here at Fast Horse, our culture is one of the things we pride ourselves on the most. Yes, our space is beautiful. Damn beautiful. But what goes on in inside of our walls is the good stuff.

Fast Horse

Fast Horse

Every agency has its list of perks: A wi-fi enabled outdoor space. A fridge filled with beer. Dollars to put toward inspiring their employees. Yes. Yes. Check. We have that too, of course.

But what other agencies don’t have is our people.

Fast Horse is filled with people that create a culture unlike any other. The minute you walk through the door on your first day, you are greeted with a welcome basket filled with all your favorite things. All-agency emails are filled with rah-rahs, props and love-filled jabs. And the entire agency is ready to throw down at a moment’s notice, when extra help is needed.

Welcome Basket

Welcome Basket

So as a newbie to Fast Horse, I keep thinking about what I can do to add to an already incredible culture. The goal I am creating for myself is to be aware of the energy I choose to bring into the space each and every day.

It’s that simple.

I will be conscious of the power to set the tone of a meeting. I will try my hardest to bring positivity, into our walls. I will adopt a “can do” attitude, even when the largest obstacles arise — because, let’s be honest, they always do.

Why? Well, positivity is contagious. People feel it. And happy employees lead to great work.

The agency culture at Fast Horse is made up by the sum total of every single Pony. And this is just the beginning of the impact I hope to make.