Why Watch The Women’s World Cup?

June 30, 2015

Well, sit back and let me tell you! Here are just a few reasons why everyone — sports fan or not, soccer enthusiast or not — should not only watch the Women’s World Cup, but understand this tournament’s greatness.

We’re playing Germany, the No. 1 team in the FIFA world rankings and the heavy favorite. Is it just me, or is there always an extra dose of drama before a game against Germany? Love it. If the match-up itself isn’t already a compelling sports moment, the U.S. is again the underdog and has been heavily scrutinized going into this match. But the real twist is the fact that the U.S. women are undefeated in 11 straight meetings with the Germans. What’s that, haters? Boom. 

We’re playing Germany because we beat China in the quarterfinals. It’s inherently known that beating China is a big deal and, in women’s soccer, this goes back to perhaps the most famous World Cup game of all time, and the last time these teams met: the World Cup finals in 1999. Back when Napster was a thing and Bills, Bills, Bills topped the charts, this was the most-watched women’s sporting event and an iconic sports moment across the world. The game continues to liven the conversation around not only women’s soccer, but women’s sports. This game was life-changing. I think every girl I knew dressed up as Mia Hamm for Halloween that year and our coaches would make us run every time we tried to pull a Chastain. In short, history is made during these games. 

The next reason is Hope Solo. The best keeper and most badass athlete in the world — and she knows it. Plenty of controversy surrounds her (I smell a reality TV show) but her elite play is undeniable and the numbers don’t lie. The U.S. women haven’t allowed a goal in 423 minutes, the third-longest streak in Women’s World Cup history. The team has gone four straight games with out any goals scored against — another record for the American women’s team. Defensive domination. But what makes it interesting, you ask? Germany’s striker, Celia Sasic, leads the tournament with six goals, so this will be an epic Hope Solo test. 

But the most important reason to cheer on your country and support this amazing team? To take down the man! But really, because men. Because it’s 2015 and women’s sports are still deemed unworthy of attention. And instead of getting myself into a troublesome rant, please watch the below exchange with Amy Poehler and Seth Meyers prior to the quarterfinal game against China, which gets the point across. (Note: the male reporter in question later apologized, but still…) 

There you have it! Tune in tonight at 6 p.m. CST on FOX. USA!