My Trip To NYC: Lobster, Drake & Mr. T

June 18, 2015

Last week, I got back from an awesome, albeit jam-packed, trip to New York. I knew my job at Fast Horse would throw me into some funny, unusual situations, but I never imagined that hanging out with a butterfly-winged A-Team member would be one of them. A mix of client work, events and food — it’s hard to call out all the cool experiences and things I learned during just one week in New York, so just read on for a little bit of each.

Taste-testing 25 of the country’s best lobster rolls at the Lobster Rumble.

Coca-Cola Life was one of the sponsors of Tasting Table’s Lobster Rumble, a competition for which chefs from around the country fly in to show off their skills and compete for best lobster roll. Though I can’t say I had room in my stomach to try all 25, I gladly tried as many of the delicious bites as I could! I think

DSC_0257 DSC_0227

Hanging live in-studio with The Today Show, Access Hollywood and Fox & Friends.

Last week, we made a number of media stops to launch FUZE’s new campaign with Mr. T. Watching the broadcast live and in-person and seeing all the behind-the-scenes action was awesome, and doing a little “stargazing” in the Today Show green room didn’t hurt either.

IMG_0256  IMG_0230

Watching fans react to Mr. T in butterfly wings.

In FUZE’s new digital spot, Mr. T plays a butterfly, so what better way to reinforce the new campaign than to have Mr. T in-character on the streets of New York? We made stops at some of the city’s most iconic tourist destinations, like the Empire State Building, Times Square, the steps at the Met and Central Park. Seeing people react to meeting their childhood idol was awesome to watch, as people would sprint up to our car for a quick picture out the window or swarm to get their boxing gloves signed by “Clubber Lang.” Mr. T was extremely gracious with fans, which was refreshing, always thanking them “for the love.”

IMG_0308  IMG_0290

Going to Governor’s Ball with my best friend.

The timing of my work trip was pretty serendipitous. My best friend moved out to New York last summer, and she just so happened to have an extra ticket to the Friday of Governor’s Ball, which I immediately jumped on. Getting to hang out with her (I hadn’t seen her since November) and her boyfriend (Drake, obviously) was a much-needed recharge. Plus, she let me pretend to be a Brooklynite like her all weekend, though I’m not sure how well I hid my Minnesota accent.

IMG_0090  Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Brushing shoulders with Connie Britton. Literally.

No joke – being that close to the real Tami Taylor in person? I can’t. Trip highlight for sure.