“Mad Men” Comes Alive When Harry Crane Comes To Town

May 18, 2015
Harry Crane gettin' fresh with the mayor of Stillwater

Harry Crane gettin’ fresh with the mayor of Stillwater

As the final season of “Mad Men” comes to a close, buzz about the show has reached its climax. And last weekend, the Stillwater Public Library got in on the action when Harry Crane came to town.

Rich Sommer, the actor who plays Crane, was born and raised in Stillwater. As the show neared its conclusion, a friend of Sommer’s suggested he should come back to town — and maybe do a benefit for a local organization. The library was the first the came to mind, as Sommer spent a portion of his childhood living literally next door to library, and served on the library’s teen advisory board back in the day.

In the course of a few short months, my friends at the Stillwater Public Library Foundation contacted Sommer, picked a date and planned two fantastic events. It was a huge lift for a small army of volunteers, and their work paid off in spades. Not only did the events raise a much-appreciate chunk of money for the foundation, but the guest of honor was clearly surprised and overwhelmed by the lovely occasion. It seems no matter how much success a guy’s achieved, he doesn’t ever expect to have “A Day” proclaimed in honor of him in his hometown.

As a professional marketer, I enjoyed seeing my lovely library and its foundation enjoying what amounted to blanket coverage across the local media. We saw:

Best of all? A 1960s-themed Mad Men event is, of course, the perfect occasion to bust out the fedora (ahem, and an Old Fashioned) for a night on the town with my gorgeous bride.

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[photos by Corinna See Photography]