Going Off The Beaten Path

May 7, 2015

We’re back!

My colleague Johnna and I are back in Big Sur this week to kick off a wonderful program for our client at the Bota Box Adventure Summit. Just a few weeks ago, we traveled to the area to check out the perfect destinations for the many festivities this week – check out Johnna’s post about the trip!

This week is dedicated to bringing together a group of influencers that will be working with Bota Box for the remainder of the year – otherwise known as Adventure Aficionados. During the Summit, the influencers have not only had the opportunity to meet the Bota Box team, but have been able to experience the brand up close and in person through various tastings and Bota-inspired adventures.

The Bota Box Adventure Aficionados are a truly impressive group of creators. While they come from a wide variety of backgrounds and create various forms of social content, they all share a few very important things with Bota Box – passion, creativity and a sense of adventure. This year will be full of exciting Bota-inspired content from the brand ambassadors, which include:

A Sneak Peek at Our Week:

Each of our Aficionados drove along the Pacific Coast to meet in Big Sur for our two-day Summit, enjoying every moment of the stunning, scenic drive.

The festivities kicked off with a welcome dinner and a chance for everyone to get to know each other, share their stories and learn about the festivities to come.

IMG_0950Wednesday took our Adventure Aficionados off the beaten path with a day full of Bota-inspired adventures including hiking, horseback riding, kayaking and scenic picnic lunches. With a day full of beautiful Big Sur weather and an entourage of Jeeps, the Adventure Aficionados hit the trail and shared a day full of experiences together with the Bota Box team.

IMG_1055 IMG_1054


To close the day and conclude the Summit, the group had an outdoor dinner in one of the beautiful parks in the area – Pfeiffer State Park. A picture-perfect wood-fired pizza dinner and a taste of many of the Bota varietals made for a fabulous evening filled with stories from the day’s activities and many from posts from our aficionados.

IMG_1107 IMG_1085

Cameras, drones, GoPros and more are filled with fabulous content from the Summit, and we can’t wait to see the program continue to come to life — in addition to all of the Bota-inspired stories that will be shared throughout the remainder of the year.