You Can Be An Art Collector, Too

April 9, 2015

On a weeknight in January twelve years ago, I found myself outside the Triple Rock Social Club, waiting to see a band I was extremely excited to catch. I wish I could remember if I liked the show, but I can’t. Instead, I walked out with a scratch-and-dent screen-printed poster for $20 from an artist who would go on to build a cult following.

All of my interests seem to start slowly before I become completely and utterly enveloped in them. With screen printing, I learned everything I could, began collecting artwork, and even spent a few years screen-printing shirts and posters myself. (If you need some equipment, it’s for sale.) These days, my collection is large and difficult to move and I don’t have the wall space or resources to frame and hang everything. This has made me rather picky when it comes to procuring more artwork, but it’s always tempting.

Here are some of my favorite artists to follow and collect:

Fine-Art-Print-Artwork-by-Daniel-Danger-1Daniel Danger

It’s not his real name, but let’s be honest, it has to be an improvement. He’s an illustrator and printmaker who produces his own prints. The majority of his works are art prints, but he also does show posters and album art. His illustration style is consistent and distinct, which makes it hard to pick a favorite! The one I have on the wall is in my top three, though.

Audrey Kawasakiwhereirest_lj

She’s a unique figure in the poster scene, and is always illustrating and painting. Dealing exclusively in giclée art prints and other interesting media, she tirelessly churns out work and never fails to impress. Her illustration style is constantly evolving, and is naturally complimented with texture and color finishes.

TornadoTowers_FinalScan_800pxLand Land

Born and raised in Mankato, working and living in Chicago via Minneapolis, this printmaking duo makes a living producing show posters and art prints. No one can draw an urban ruin quite like these folks, and their color palettes belong in a design textbook. My personal favorite piece memorializes a stack of trailer homes that was referred to lovingly as “Tornado Towers.”

DSC_5616-EditJames Jean

His career has been broad and his success inevitable, whereas his personal life has been mysterious and blatantly sad. He disappeared for a few years, but has come back from hiatus with sporadic releases that are absolutely mind-blowing. Ten years ago, his work would have been unattainable, but these days he’s releasing giclées that are as gorgeous as ever.

ToHarrowaNaifpaperAaron Horkey

Horkey is a living legend and revered as such. One of the most productive, influential and positive forces in the illustration world, his illustrations capture details of fantastical creatures and desolate scenery. His work is hard to come by, as it often sells out in less than 10 minutes. Go to Google image search, type his name and prepare to be amazed. He’s commissioned for movie posters, album art, show posters, book covers — and still manages to release art prints on the side. If you want to start collecting screen-printed illustration, start here!

There are so many great artists working today, and I’ve barely scratched the surface. If any of these interest you at all, here is are some more to check out:
Olly Moss, Vania Zouravliov, Martin Ansin, Jason Edmiston, Richey Beckett, James Flames, Pushead, John Dyer Baizley, Brandon Holt, Laurent Durieux, Nicolas Delort, Ken Taylor, Rhys Cooper. The list goes on and on!