Pinning Down Great Content

March 13, 2015

Big data. Mobile. Social media. Fragmented media. Gone are the days of waiting with bated breath for the latest glossy to arrive, or scheduling an evening around the 10 o’clock news broadcast. There have been a lot of changes in how brands and people communicate with each other, how consumers find inspiration and discover new products and how companies are finding ways to deepen household penetration – more ways, more uses, more occasions. Companies and brands have been challenged to deepen the consumer relationship with products, and they need to find new ways to “move the needle.”

Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 12.49.09 AMEnter Pinterest.

While some social-media trends are fleeting — potentially a flash-in-the-pan — Pinterest has quickly become a mainstay for many of our clients. The platform is key to reaching decision-makers when they’re gathering inspiration and making shopping decisions. Ultimately, consumer engagement on Pinterest has the strongest chance of transforming inspiration into purchase intent and, finally, into sales.

One of our recent successes was a Pinterest-focused campaign for Coca-Cola’s “Home Bowl” campaign – a retail program giving home-field advantage to moms and dads in January and February. Our objective was to drive awareness for the program by positioning Coca-Cola at the center of fun game-day parties. We partnered with 10 well-known influencers to create more than 450 posts about the “Home Bowl” campaign during January, including 30 unique recipes and DIY party ideas. And a significant portion of our engagement came from Pinterest, generating big impressions around people opting into receiving Coke-branded content. Yes, I said it. Opting. In.

Pinterest imageWe saw each influencer’s branded, disclosure-laden “Home Bowl” board garner major followers. The reason why? We had the right content partners sharing a compelling story in a space that was perfect for Coke – it was the dream team.

While Pinterest may not make sense for every client, we believe excellent content and a strong distribution model does. Whether you’re thinking of running a Pinterest campaign or wanting to understand content perameters, the following are some of our key learnings and fun facts. Feel free to share any of your key learnings or questions below!

  • Pinterest giveaways and contests pose a number of logistical hurdles, from platform best practices and rules to FTC regulations to legal compliance and consumer barriers to entry. Your prize must be compelling enough to get influencers and consumers excited about jumping through those hoops.
  • The “Coke Cupcake” (pictured to the right of the popcorn photo) was the most-shared blogger recipe, garnering more than 12,000 shares on Pinterest and Facebook.
  • While the number of entries won’t be as high as other hosting methods, Pinterest-based giveaways and contests generate highly relevant entries. It offers deeper consumer engagement in the campaign beyond traditional “enter to win” methods.
  • Flexibility around influencer-generated content allows for an organic and genuine conversation to unfold with consumers. That flexibility is must.
  • Be selective about the influencers and content generators you’re partnering with. Stories aren’t told by numbers, and that requires us to look beyond platform metrics when recommending content partners for a campaign. We always take storytelling, social and online engagement, visuals, authority in the space and presence of a unique voice into consideration. Always aim for quality: it makes a huge difference in the end.
  • Work with relevant partner brands to add versatility to your content. The result is more robust, creative content and deeper integration into the consumer’s occasion and shopping mission.
  • Pinterest is the perfect platform to stagger the release of content, allowing for pulse points and sustained buzz throughout a campaign.
  • Strong engagement rates were the result of 1) content – creative, highly styled, relevant, fun and 2) a compelling payoff for those taking the time to engage (high-value giveaway prize).