When In Michigan, Ski

February 4, 2015

I’ve found that I enjoy writing about adventuring, especially in the dreary winter months, when all you want to do is pretend it’s summertime. If you’re sick of pretending you’re headed out on a tropical vacation abroad in the next week, you should resort to weekend getaways, which I’ve become a master of.

My most recent getaway brought a close group of friends and myself up to Ironwood, Mich. This was our third January visiting Ironwood, where one of my best friends grew up. Her father served as mayor of the little gem of a community, while her mother sits on just about every board and committee in town – she’s got a couple of Woman of the Year awards under her belt!

We’ve developed our list of favorite spots to hit while we’re in Ironwood, and the list is topped by The Classic Motor Inn, owned and operated by the two amazing folks I introduced above! This year, they flashed our sparkly names in their live welcome sign that basically made us local celebs. Then we’ve got the Historic Ironwood Theater, plenty of pubs and antique shops galore. This place is rich with history, and it’s so fun to explore and immerse yourself.

This year we gathered at our friend’s family cottage, which was tucked away in the woods. We even managed to get one of our vehicles nice and stuck on the way out. Snow what I mean?

Ironwood 5


We spent our mornings drinking mimosas and catching up, and our nights fireside playing guitar, singing and telling stories.

All of these are among the favorites, but the real reason that brings us all together on this certain weekend in January is the SISU Ski Fest. Essentially, it’s a festival honoring the Finnish and the Scandinavian, filled with tons of cross-country ski trails, races, good food, laughs and wine skins.  We partake in the taste ‘n tour, skiing through the trees and trails and pit-stopping at different sites that served up local grub, keeping your belly full and your heart warm.

Ironwood 4 Ironwood 2 Ironwood 1

Maybe next time I’ll write about all of the chicken wings and craft beers we found along the way.