So You’re Working On A Big Game Campaign…

February 2, 2015

More than 110 million people tuned into NBC last night to watch some of the nation’s most-recognizable brands compete in the “Ad Bowl.” Oh, and there was a football game, too.

Whether you’re a Seattle or New England fan – or buy into the hype around “Deflategate” – the Big Game is a significant cultural event, and it marks an important moment for Fast Horse. This marks the sixth consecutive year we’ve helped Coca-Cola launch its Big Game ads on the biggest advertising stage of the year. From “Hard Times,” featuring the Simpsons, to the Polar Bowl, to last year’s spot, “It’s Beautiful,” we’re no strangers to the fast-paced, high-energy process involved in helping to roll out an all-new creative campaign.

This year, Coca-Cola poured happiness all over the Internet during the first quarter of the game with its 60-second spot #MakeItHappy. The spot features a unique spin on the importance of creating more positivity on the World Wide Web, and asks people to stand together and be more positive online and on social media.

We partnered with Coca-Cola, Wieden + Kennedy and Starcom MediaVest Group to maximize the client’s investment. Our team has kicked major ass over the last couple of months — we’ve done everything from developing a content release strategy, creating campaign messaging, executing a partnership with a company helping brands connect with social influencers, coordinating media interviews and more.

Of course, just because the Super Bowl is one of the most highly watched events of the year doesn’t mean people actually understand what goes into rolling out an ad during game day. We’ve compiled a list of the most frequent questions we receive from family and friends.

Hoping for some answers?


Wait, you don’t get to go to the Super Bowl? 

Do you get tickets for the Super Bowl?

Have you met any of the football players?

[Always asked before the game] Well, is it good?

What do you mean? You work on a Super Bowl ad campaign, but you don’t create the ad?

What’s the Big Game? Why can’t you say “Super Bowl”?

So your work is done after the ad airs, right?

Have you already seen the ad?

When do they start planning for next year’s ad?

Did you get to meet [insert celebrity]?

What do you get out of this? Do you get free Coca-Cola?

Everything’s finished and buttoned up a least a month before the Super Bowl, right?

How much money does it cost to create a Big Game ad? 

Oh, so you tweet for Coca-Cola?