GoPro And The Average Joe: The Sequel

November 11, 2014

A few weeks ago I wrote a post for the Peepshow about GoPro and the culture of extreme sports it encourages and celebrates. 

I am not into extreme sports. I love the idea of skydiving, bungee jumping and hang gliding, but I’m 99 percent sure I’ll never actually do any of those things. I’m 41, and a year ago I nearly blew out a knee playing touch football. I know my limits.

So after buying into the hype and purchasing my very own GoPro Hero 3+, i have to admit I was a little intimidated. What, after all, is an Average Joe supposed to do with one of these things?

Well, I took it to Iceland. 

Not that I did anything particularly extreme on that cold little North Atlantic rock, but it seemed like a good place to try it out. For its inaugural run, I bought a handlebar accessory and mounted it to an ATV for a trail ride up a small mountain outside Reykjavik. Between some stream crossings and mud holes, I had a lot of fun. But was it GoPro-worthy? I cobbled some of the footage together in a little iMovie — so you can be the judge. It includes scenes from the ATV ride, along with some incredibly cool (IMO) footage of a couple of Iceland’s natural wonders.

Look, I admit my GoPro footage leaves a lot to be desired. It’s not like I strapped on a wingsuit and jumped off a cliff. The images I captured are fun for me to watch because I lived them.

But this is not the end of my GoPro experiment. It may not be obvious by the footage I shot, but I love this thing. I’ll be actively looking for the next opportunity to do something fun with it in the near future. And maybe, in the end, that’s the lesson I was supposed to learn: I might not be extreme enough for GoPro, but maybe GoPro will bring out the more adventurous side of me. We’ll see. And perhaps that won’t be such a bad thing.

Here are a few GoPro stills from my trip:

Reykjavik, Iceland






Sólheimajökull Glacier

Sólheimajökull Glacier