Make The Most Of Fall With Some Simple Photography Tips

October 8, 2014

Fall is a fabulous time to take photos. Gorgeous photos with a several-thousand-dollar professional camera or almost-as-gorgeous photos with a mid-range smartphone — whatever floats your boat.

As a father of two young, outdoors-loving boys, much of my photography happens on walks to the park and around the neighborhood, with my trusty phone and maybe an Instagram filter.


Regardless of your weapon of choice, I’m not a photographer, so I assure you, this is advice you can use. No fancy equipment needed. Just some basic tips to help you make the most of this short and lovely season (or just about any other):

Take advantage of the “golden hour.” When the sun is rising or setting, the softer light has a magical effect on your photos. Try putting your back to the sun and catching the soft rays reflecting off your subject.

Use fall’s natural colors. There’s nothing better than the deep burgundy or the flaming orange of fall, especially when the grass and other foliage is still green. Bonus points for finding a single tree that includes more than two bright colors.

Get your kid out of the middle of photo. Try framing the shot so your subject is not dead-center. This might sound weird, but it’s a rule: the rule of thirds. And it makes your photos actually feel more balanced.

Get high. Or low. Just be different. Anyone can point a camera up at a brightly colored tree. Find a unique angle or perspective. Lay on the ground to get more interesting photos of your kids or pets.

Don’t listen to anyone. Just take photos you like and have fun. Party on, Wayne.