GoPro And The Average Joe

September 12, 2014

Today I’m writing a little something about GoPro. photoI’m trying really hard to understand what this thing is — and who’s supposed to buy it. Because I just bought one, and I have no idea if I was supposed to or not.

Who the hell am I to own a GoPro? These things are for skydivers, hang gliders, people who wear flying squirrel suits and guys who jump to Earth from outer space, right?

I am none of those people. I’ve never jumped from heights. Not with wings, a chute or a bungee cord. Yet I bought one of these damn cameras. And it’s suddenly making me feel a little insecure.

Not me.

(This is not me.)

You see, one of the really fun benefits of working at Fast Horse is something called the MIOLI, or “Muse It Or Lose It.” Each year, Ponies are given a sum of money to purchase something that makes us more creative, helps us explore technology or some combination of the two. Last year I declared that my MIOLI purchase would be a kayak. Yes, a kayak. I had this idea that I could have a kayak and someday get a GoPro and then film some sort of really compelling footage as I floated around Minneapolis-area lakes.

Well, whatever. I never got around to buying the kayak. But now I do have the GoPro, and I’m starting to feel some pressure. This brand has become something really amazing. It’s not simply a digital camera. It’s almost a de facto production studio, with its customers paying good money to create content that is then curated by the company to help sell even more cameras. Is there a better business model? Its brilliant. We see what we all could (in theory) do with a GoPro, and it makes us want to buy one. Well, it worked on me, anyway.

Something I would never do.

Something I would never do.

Three hundred dollars later, I’m sitting here staring at my own GoPro Hero 3 Silver Edition. And you know what? I’m going to find something to make it worthwhile, and here’s where I’m going to start: I’m leaving tomorrow for a week in Iceland. No, not to create content for this blog. I just want to take a fun vacation in an off-the-beaten-path location.

But I’m going there just the same. And when I come back, I’m going to assemble a Peepshow post…maybe even two…and show you what I, a “normal,” non-action-sports-oriented guy, does with one of these GoPro things. Can I promise excitement? Nope. Can I guarantee compelling video footage? Not really. Consider this a test — one I’m excited to take on.

So watch out, Reykjavik. I’ll see you – camera in hand – in just a few hours.