A Wild Ride

August 29, 2014

IMG_3201 - hot messWhat’s the best way to get a jumpstart on celebrating Labor Day weekend? Avoiding work, of course. That’s exactly what we did yesterday — officially closing the Fast Horse office and heading out on a little road trip.

The destination: Jorg’s farm in Western Wisconsin for a day of grilling, drinking and camaraderie.IMG_1616r[1]hotmesssign

Our transportation: a black and white beauty of a party bus named “Hot Mess,” complete with a sweet sound system, multiple “dancer” poles and very few rules.

Now that’s a recipe for some fun (and probably slow productivity today).

We set out around 10 a.m. with breakfast and cocktails. Since nobody actually had a black light handy, we just pretended like the the “Hot Mess” was sufficiently sanitary for dining.

1cocktailsDrinks continued flowing as we crossed the border. I’m happy to report that the “dancer” poles went unused…until about 12:30.

1frannypoleGrillmaster Pierach was already hard at work preparing a lunch feast when we arrived.

1jorggrillLawn games, card games (and competitive streaks) came out. Unlike our last group outing, nobody was seriously injured.

IMG_3199r - bagsIMG_3267rcardsIMG_1682rfootballDinner and more revelry preceded our return to the big city.

1gothic1tessa1shaun The “Hot Mess” delivered us safely back home around 10:30 p.m., but not before the ride turned into a bit of a dance party.

IMG_3313rdancepartyThis was Jake Anderson’s unofficial first day at Fast Horse. Let’s hope he shows up next week for his official first day after spending 12 hours getting to know his new colleagues.